Sunday, March 27, 2011

American Idol Official Tour Page 2011


DID I MENTION IM SO EXCITED FOR TOUR?!?! I Have only gone to see ONE American Idol Tour, and that was season 7.  Cookchuleta <3. 

I learned a lot from that experience.  When season seven tour PRE -SALE tickets went on sale I manically refreshed Ticket Master with my special early access POPTART code that was given at the American Idol official site. ( It allowed you access to the pre-sale)  I was so excited, and bought the tickets.   Here's what I learned from that.  Those tickets were lousy seats!!  Better seats were available during the regular sale, and then 2 days before the show I went to Ebay, and snagged 2 floor seats for 20.00 bucks!!  So, if you're heading to tour this year, don't let the pre-sale hype getcha!! Although, it's a great way to secure a ticket, there will be other ways.  Not saying DON'T buy presale, just letting you know if you can't, or find that the seats Ticket Master is assigning you don't float your boat, it's not the end of the world. <-- American Idol Tour Page, Nothing new there yet, but I can't wait!! I will add this to the right side bar,

Did I mention IM EXCITED FOR TOUR.  Especially since there doesn't seem to be any rivalry's like Season 7, some David Cook fans literally got up and left when Archie sang, and "vice versa"  NOT ALL,there are a lot of wonderful Cookie and Archies out there,  but it was sad! Being a CookChuleta I was shocked at the immaturity of ADULTS at that show.

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